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Our Book Drive Fundraising Partnerships
Green Wheel Books buys back books that your organization collects. We also contribute a portion of our proceeds towards one of the several charitable partner programs that we endorse.

How to Hold a Book Drive                          

bulletChoose One of Our Programs to Support:

Donate a Book, Plant a Tree

Support the Arbor Day Foundation tree replanting program and for every book donated a tree will be planted in one of our State or National Parks to restore a tree lost to fire, weather, or other damage.

Donate a Book, Preserve a Rain Forest
Support the Arbor Day Foundation's Rain Forest Rescue program, and for every book donated 250 square feet of Maya Rainforest  will be preserved.

Donate a Book, Save the Bay
Support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and for every book donated  a dollar will be donated to support CBF's general fund to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

Note: Green Wheel Books, LLC makes a donation for each qualifying book donated. Qualifying books must be saleable, have a value greater than one dollar, and be in acceptable condition.

bullet Contact us after selecting a book drive charitable program from our partner programs.

bullet Place the cardboard donation boxes we provide around campus (with approval from the college or university, if necessary), at locations where students can easily make donations.

bullet Advertise your fundraiser using our marketing materials, and start collecting books. After the book collection at the end of the semester, we visit your campus and pay your group for the books collected and haul away those books with no market value.

We Make Book Drive Fundraising Easy!

Contact us today to get started.


Slogan Save the Bay is trademarked and registered by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.



Charitable Partners
Green Wheel Books is supporting the Arbor Day Foundation program,
Rain Forest Rescue this year as our primary charitable program in 2010.

View the Charity Navigator
ratings for the charities
that we support.


       Arbor Day Foundation

 Chesapeake Bay Foundation













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